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Jungwoo F&B has stood at one of the leading manufacturer and suppliers of Automatic parts, modules and systems for Factory Automation field and we, Jungwoo F&B have been exclusively specializing in the field of FA and its related industries for more than 17 years since the establishment in 1994.

In addition, we have developed and been producing the Laser Microdissection system at the very first in Asia under the devotion of our R/D who has accumulated engineering and technology involvements. This ION LMD system is being distributed the customers all over the world with excellent reputation.

CE mark and ISO 9001 & 13485 approval have accelerated Jungwoo F&B to lead our reputation next to none not only in FA industries but in Bio Technology fields and Jungwoo F&B will never spare our utmost endeavors to meet the requirement of customers satisfaction ranging from a single product to packaged ones.
This was only possible through our determined effort in R/D to advance and improve our technology that has already proven its secured competitiveness as one of the leading players in the world.

New era lies ahead of us with the challenges but our tireless efforts to launch best quality of products to our valuable customers at home and aboard is our driving force which identifies who we are.

The new markets for our state of the products are always our pursuing objectives and we would welcome your joining as Jungwoo F&B family with partnership from wherever.

Thank you so much for your interest, concern and support of our Jungwoo F&B products.