ION LMD Pro Microdissection System is equipment for the discovery of the molecular signature.

This non-contact laser tissue cutting system optimizes cell cutting for molecular genetics analysis. The creative technology will satisfy microdissection needs better than other methods. It provides fast, highly precise and stabilized microdissection as well as effective collection for molecular morphology. It is simple to use, easy to handle and economical to maintain.

The ION LMD Pro is the newest and best choice for genomics analysis. The system is able to recover DNA, RNA and proteins from dissected samples in a wide range of research and analytical applications.

In 2002, Jungwoo began development of the ION LMD Pro System. By 2004, many patents had been obtained and the product was introduced in Korea. ION LMD obtains the EM Mark, a certification of excellent quality, excellent machine, mechanism and materials and the NEP Mark, a certification of new technology and equipment from the Agency for Technology and Standards, Ministry Commerce, Industry and Energy in the Republic of Korea. In addition, ION LMD obtains the international standards such as CE, FCC, ISO13485 and the Laser Product Report Approval from the U.S. FDA.